{Dear Our 3 Blessings/Princesses}

I don't think it ever crossed my mine that I would be a mommy to 3 girls!!! I always thought that I would have one of each, but your dad and I couldn't be any happier!! This is what God wants for us and we are blessed, and thankful! We are so excited for you McKenzie to join our family!! Our God is amazing and is doing great things in our family and you are one of them! You know girls, daddy and mommy want nothing but the best for you guys, and we know that God should always be the center (first) of our family for all things to work out. I see your dad today more then ever wanting and yearning to get closer to God and know more about Him, and what God wants dad's role to be in this time. I know that a big part that's encouraging daddy to want to know more about Jesus Christ and what He wants for our family is you girls! Because he knows that without God we are lost, and by him walking in Gods direction is the BEST thing he can ever give you girls, and of course loving me =).  I am so proud of your dad and I love him more and more each day! you know girls, Mommy realized these few days... well I already knew, but it just hit me even more these past days that daddy is also a child of God and mommy needs to love daddy and treat him the way God would want me to treat his child. God loves daddy so much, so I also need to love daddy and see him through our heavenly father eyes. Its not that I wasn't loving daddy or not being being a good wife, but to love him also in a different way and see him in a different view then just my husband or your dad.  It has helped me just to care and be more patient towards him by seeing him through the eyes of our God. I love him so much that all I want is for him to be loved like he has never been loved. God is love and we should follow in his foot steps and show love, kindness, and forgiveness to all.   

 Daddy and I are trying our very best to be the best examples we can ever be for you guys. We know that even at a young age you guys are watching our every little move, from what we say to each other and to you girls and how we act towards each other and other people, and our actions we take towards everything. I pray that I can be the best mommy I can ever be, and to be the best example of how a child of God should walk, and teach you guys the best I can ever teach you girls about our Lord Jesus, so that when you girls get older you will stay firm in His path and never apart from it! I can see you girls doing great things for Gods kingdom, leading people who are lost and broken and in need of that true love that is filling that only comes from our amazing God. I can see you girls having a heart for people. I/we pray for you girls always. I am so glad you guys will have each other to lean on and to encourage each other, always love each other, and pray for one another. We love you Raychel, Oceana, and McKenzie so very much!!! We are so excited to see all the great things God is doing in our life!


Mommy and Daddy <33333


  1. I love this, it is so sweet and somethig your girls can look back on and cherish. And 3 girls, what more could you ask for!

  2. This is so sweet!!!!! Your girls (all 3 of them!) are lucky to have such a great mommy and daddy who are followers of Christ. You are such a blessing Olga and your girls will know not only are you and Ray blessed to have them but they are blessed to have you two as parents. And they will also have this to look back on.


  3. This is so lovely, your girls will love reading this one day

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