{Hubby Thursdays}

This picture of the hubs and  I was taken right before going to bed last night. We were both busy all day, I knew that before we went  to bed I can get a shot of us! We were both laughing so hard while taken this picture, but we were able to get a good picture without us both cracking up in it (which would have been cute, maybe?)

I wanted him take a goofy pic, but he refused! lol! He is normally ok with goofy pics, but I think because it was late and he was ready to pull the plug. so its just me being goofy.
I love this, cause we were seriously laughing so hard together and I want to keep on making these fun memories with the man I love.

Link on up, if you'd like!


  1. Awh!!! These are cute! And even though Ray isn't trying to be goofy, he totally is. It reminds me of the little boys not wanting there picture taken because of a cute girl and then (you) the little girl is trying to sway him to taking it.

    <3 memories like these!

  2. What a great idea, hubby thursday!

  3. So cute! You two are such an adorable couple ;)


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