{Just One Of Those Days}

Today I had my whole schedule planned out, but this morning everything changed and it did not go according to what I had planned for my day to go. I am the type of person that when my day doesn't go the way I thought it would I get impatient and frustrated, because now its a whole new thing then what I was expecting to happen. My girls did not have a good start this morning, they were crying about any little thing, fighting with each other and both wanting mommies attention... all this while I am trying to get things done around the house before I had to head on out. Its stressful, and its testing/tested my patience. 

About a month ago I went to our mom2mom group at our church, and we had a great speaker, Scarlett, she talked about being a mom and the season we are in.  She was telling all of us mommies to treasure moments with our little ones because time goes by fast! And that these times are precious, and this season will pass. We go through seasons in life and right now for me my season is raising my girls and raising them up for the Lord. There are times when I just imagine, and want, to travel the world with Ray and we both speaking to people and prophesies to people about our Lord Jesus Christ but, right now I am in the season to train my kids up for the Lord, and I have to remember to treasure these moments and cherish every minute of it! This can/is (be) the beginning of God teaching me something big (Patience maybe?) for when the next seasons come, I will be prepared. 

God knows how I/you will be filling today in this season, I just have to remember and be strong to put Him first, pray, and be joyful. Scarlett gave us mommies these 4 key versus and today I am challenged to put them into practice.

1. Colossians 3:23
Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord

2. Proverbs 22:6
Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.

3. Nehemiah 8:10
For the joy of the Lord is my strength

4. Philippians 4:13
I can do everything through him who gives me strength

 I will be patient with everyone in the name of Jesus... starting with those incredibly special little people who happen to call me mommy.

Here are a few pictures of our day today...

Oceana would not let go of my leg while I was vacuuming! She wanted me to pick her up and hold her, but being pregnant and holding a 21 month old and vacuuming at the same time.. ugh..no. I felt so bad =( but she needs to learn that she has to wait till mommy is done! and after, I picked her up and we had a great time playing...

 I love this!! When I am playing my music Oceana will close her eyes so tight... I know its because she sees me/everyone at our church closing their eyes while singing praises to God.

 Happy Wednesday everyone!! Tomorrow and every Thursday I am going to be doing Hubby Thursdays! Who ever wants to tag/link on up, link on up!!


  1. okay, so I am really frustrated because Google is not giving me updates when you post! What the heck?? This has been going on for a few weeks now with your blog and I'm hearing that other bloggers are having dropped blog issues too. Anways, I missed so much! These pictures are so stinking cute!! I LOVE daddy daughter pictures so much. Little girls need their daddy's in their lives and your hubby is a good hands on daddy.

    And to make this long comment longer..I SOOO had one of those days today too. My teething baby cried ALL day and followed me everywhere crying meme meh meh that is how she says momma. AHH so exhausting..and seeing your pic it appears that they do that for a while;0 hehe. Hugs to you momma!

  2. Awww this is so sweet Olga. I'm the same way. I get so frustrated when things aren't going according to plan. It is a great reminder and lesson from God to take it day by day and appreciate the little things that life and God has to offer even when things aren't going our way. Things going according to plan isn't what is important in life even though it feels like it is. thanks for the reminder girl ;) And all of the bible quotes.
    The girls playing with Ray is sooo cute! Such a sweet Daddy and daughters moment. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Oceana with her little closed eyes. That is so sweet.
    love ya girly!!! xoxo

  3. Aw I love this post!! I sooo know the feeling of little hands tugging on the pant leg. I always tell my husband thats the best feeling in the world. I know I would miss it incredibly if those hands wasn't there pulling at my leg anymore.

    I am sooo the type who gets grumpy if my schedule gets changed. Good thing Jesus is there to help us and give us the strength we need:)P.S Your girls are So beautiful...

  4. To all the mommies out there cheers to this post! I don't think there is a mommy out there who doesn't experience a non-planned schedule and patience being tested, your not alone and it nice to know I'm not alone. Your post was a good reminder and maybe what God wanted..to give us all a reminder to slow down during the day and appreciate each minute as it goes by. :)

    Your pics are soooo cute! I love family play pics. Your girls are so cute...Raychel is so funny playing with her hair and Oceana, that's smart that she picked up closing her eyes when music comes on. Too funny and way too cute!

    I <3 the Bible verses!!!!



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