{Momma In Focus Friday}

one day at a time

Casey over at One Day At A Time started up a link called Momma in Focus for every Friday! In this link up mommas get in the photos with the kiddos! This will be so much fun since I am always the one behind the camera and my little chicks are in the pics, so it will definitely be nice to look back at these pics in a few years and see all of us in it together :). link up mommas! 

Thanks Casey!


  1. Your daughters are ADORABLE! And you are so pretty!!

  2. I love love love this idea. you all look so gorgeous! I love you all so much!

  3. YEah!! Great job linking up Olga!! These pictures are darling because you can tell how happy your girls are to be taking a picture with you or just sharing a special moment with you. I know that none of us will regret the pictures we have with our little ones when they are grown. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and see you again in the link up next Friday;0.

  4. Such gorgeous photos! You and your girls are beautiful!


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