{My Sister Says Yes to the Dress!}

 Last Thursday my mom, sister, my girls and I went out to breakfast before my sweet mother-in-law would arrive to my place to watch the girls, so us ladies can go wedding dress shopping! Once my mother-in-law got to our place, our mom, sis, and I headed to Walnut Creek to go pick up my sister's ring at Tiffany's (it was getting sized), and after... we went looking for her dress! We went to this one spot in Walnut Creek, but then we decided to head out to Milpitas to go look at dresses over there. Elizabeth tried on like 7 dresses and the first one she tried on was the "one!" It was so much fun hanging out with my mom and sis! I can not wait for the wedding in June!!! June 4th to be exact!

 This was after we had breakfast, it was pouring out!

 Outside Tiffany's

Note: this was one of the 7 she tried on... this is not the dress she picked ;)


  1. I was looking at your pictures with Izzy on my lap and she looked at the picture of your sister in the dress, and said awww, shes a Princess! She does look very pretty :)

  2. You, your sister, and your mom are all so beautiful!!

  3. aww Elizabeth looks soooo beautiful! That is so neat that it was the first dress she tried on. That's exactly what happened to me :)I can't wait to see pictures of the beautiful wedding!

  4. Awesome!!! What a perfect day! Your sister is gorgeous and I'm sure will look just dazzling in her dress! :0)

    P.s. was she interested in that photography contest? I think the last day for entries is tomorrow.



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