{Unpaid Items}

About three weeks ago, I headed to the mall with my girls to buy me a new shirt at Macy's since I had a gift card from there. I tried a couple of shirts on, but I only ended up liking one, so off I go to the register and pay for it and then I leave the store to take my girls to the new play area they added there at the mall. As I was leaving the store I beeped, but didn't think anything of it and kept walking. I would beep at some stores and some stores I wouldn't, so I looked at my shirt to make sure it didn't have that thing on it that makes you beep and it did not, so I just went on with my day.  fast forward a week... I took my girls on a walk and after the walk I decided to clean all the mess inside the stroller... to my surprise I find two unpaid for shirts from Macy's hidden between all these diapers, the girls sweaters, and their toys!!! I couldn't believe it! It all made sense to me now... on why I was beeping!! Goodness! The great thing was that... the same day I found them my mother-in-law was picking me and the girls up to head to the mall, so I was able to take them back. The lady at the register was like, "you're returning" and I said, "no, I am just bringing them back." and she asked if I had a receipt I said, "no, I did not pay for these, and I am just bringing them back." she was/looked confused... so then I explained that my girls put them in the stroller without me knowing and that I just seen them so I was bringing them back, then she understood, but still had a confused look on her face.

 My girls always tend to grab things, but I am always watching them and  they put them back themselves or I have to tell them to put them back, but this time I missed it and did not see a thing! So to all the mommies out there if you beep check EVERYTHING/EVERYWHERE-lol! well... if you are pretty organized and don't have junk all over your stroller then you should be good -lol.

Proverbs 10:9
The man of integrity walks securely, but he who takes crooked paths will be found out.
Proverbs 21:3
To do what is right and just is more acceptable to the LORD than sacrifice.


  1. That is too funny, and something I can totally see happening to myself!

  2. If only everyone was that honest! The world would be a better place! I'm the same way...I could not have lived with myself knowing I didn't pay for something. I like the scripture you posted to back that up!!

  3. Wow...that's so crazy. Good for you to bring it back. Not everyone would do that. It's also such a great lesson to teach kids. My parents always did that with my sisters and I. If we found money they would make us turn it in to the nearest store. It was such a good life lesson and its nice to know there are honest people out there.


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