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I know this is supposed to be an Easter picture of mommy and the kiddos, but I did not take any of us 3 that day, so these are from yesterday at my moms =)...

Yes... I know... the girls are not looking, but this is as good as it gets.


28 weeks and 2 days.

Bare Belly Pic!

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Hubby Thursdays!

  This week was 3 things you love about your husband, I know this might be hard since there probably is more then 3 things we love about our hubby's, but just pick the 3 main ones ;)

{one} He is a man of God.

{two} He is a hard worker.

{three} He loves us. He always makes time (he is so busy with work) for his little girls and me!

Last week on Thursday my husband left me this note...

I love when he leaves me little surprise notes! Later that day we were texting each other and he told me to find someone to watch the girls on Saturday so we can go out to dinner and a movie. I was so excited, of course I found some one (mother-in-law) to watch the girls right away. I love it when he sets up date nights for us!

Our date night...
we went to Girasole, a Italian restaurant, their food is amazingly good!!

 At the movies

 We watched Lincon Lawyer, such a good movie!

 We got home about midnight and believe it or not Oceana was still up! Raychel fell fast asleep with her besty, Jacob and Sally.

Next week is up to you on what you want to do. You can post an old picture of you and your hubby that you love, a date that is most memorable to you two, anything you want ;). Cant wait to see every ones post!

Oh! I know I am braking my own rules, but what I also love about my husband is that he is Ray and there is no one else in the world like him!!

I love you Ray!


Thankful Tuesday

  I am thankful for:

our amazing God

Great pregnancy

Healthy family

My dear husdand who works so hard for me to be able to stay home with the girls

My girls

My family, my mom who helps me so much

the love in our home and all the blessings God has given us

Thank you heavenly father for all your blessings.

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Easter Sunday!

  On Easter Sunday we got up and got ready to head to church. Church service was Amazing! After church we ran some errands and then headed back home to relax before meeting Ray's family at a Mexican restaurant we always go to on Easter Sunday. We all took a power nap and off we went to Cindy's house to do a quick Easter egg hunt for the little ones before heading to the restaurant. The kids had so much fun finding the eggs!! Raychel is in love with her Easter basket and her eggs lol. The Holidays are so much fun with little ones!! After the egg hunt we all headed to dinner and enjoyed some yummy food and great family time!

waiting for the Easter egg hunt to begin!
off they go...

All their eggies

The End of the Easter egg hunt

Los primos

The Family

Someone was hungry!

Raychel and her favorite little buddy

Oceana was so excited and curious on getting a big Easter gift

Grandma handing out the Easter gifts

Oceana was so excited to find a fluffy white bunny in her basket. She loves her stuffed animals.

Raychel loves her Easter basket!

Of course.. out of all the primos my girls are the only ones not looking at the camera!
The girls had their "dance on" with daddy before heading off to bed <333

Easter Egg Hunt Feild Trip

  Raychel's pre-school had a field trip to a nice open park for the kids to have an Easter egg hunt, and of course I tagged along, I couldn't miss my little one's first field trip! But... then again... God willing... I will always be involved/tagging along in all of my girls school field trips and activities.

Once we got to the park all the kids enjoyed some free time playing on the playground, then the teachers had games for the kids to play, after they did the Easter egg hunt, and then we all had lunch before heading either back to the school or back home. Raychel is only in pre-school  half days, so after we dropped off one of the teachers back at the school and we headed home.

All the kids had to wear their school t-shirt
 Oceana cracks me up! She does not like when people stare at her when she is doing something. I believe it was a man who was looking at her and she did not like it.
 My princesses!

 Raychel was walking so funny, because she did not want to drop the bean bag! She did so good!! Way better then the other kids! lol sorry, she is my baby girl and anything she does will probably be better then the other kids in my eyes ;) 

 The egg hunt!

daddy and mommy are so very proud of you Raychel! You are so smart!