{Birthday Party Fun & Belly Business}

This past Sunday was Dallas's 2nd Birthday Party! It was so much fun getting to see this beautiful family and celebrating their little one's 2nd B-Day.

His theme was spongebob square pants... lol so cute! 

 They had a jumpy house and the girls and the rest of the kiddos were loving it!

 Eating some yummy pizza
The kiddos grabbing candies from the spongebob pinata!
 Dallas and his daddy
 Dallas and mommy
 Ray was helping little OC grab some candies
 The birthday boy blowing out his candles
 Ray was having a good time watching and playing with his girls!


REMINDER: Tomorrow is "Hubby Thursdays" So link on up!! Post a pcitures of you and your hubby (of course!) and then also pick out a favorite picture that you like of your hubby and tell me why you like it!

25 Weeks Pregnant!
I look huge in this picture!! lol!! My belly actually isn't really this big in person... I wish it was... I think it was the thick sweater, belt, and the angle of the picture that makes my belly look BIG, anyhow, I am feeling great! McKenzie is about a pound and a half. she measures about 13 1/2 inchs. I have gained about 14 pounds! The best part this week is seeing my belly move, feeling her strong kicks, and feeling her hiccup!


  1. I love that pic of your four(five) at the bottom. That needs to be framed for sure :)

  2. Fun party!!! All the pics looks great! I love your belly in the pic of you and Ray.

  3. love the pics! especially of ray and the girls (what a doting daddy!) your family is so picture perfect!

  4. i loved all the pics! you captured great moments!i am going to grab a few of these pics! so nice seeing you all!



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