Cousin Lovin'

  This past weekend all the cousins got together to celebrate our cousin Leonardo's wife birthday. We always have such a great time when we are all together, we joke around and making each other laugh. I am so blessed to have such a big family. We are all so excited for Elizabeth's wedding in June!! It is going to be so much fun... I can not wait!

Our cousin with his beautiful wife.
 The cousins. Can you believe that this is still not everyone?! We have tons of cousins!
 Felipe promoting the spanish magazine of juices lol
 Alex just hanging out

 Raychel was telling everyone a story
 she even got up off her chair and started acting it out!

These pictures were from a while back when our cousins from AZ came up...


  1. You have such beautiful people in your life! And Raychel is SO adorable!
    I have ALOT of cousins too and it's just so fun getting together with them:)

  2. I <3 big families! It's so great to get together with all (well most, I think theres always someone missing) of the family members. And its great because it keeps adding as your kids grow. :)


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