Door Knocking

  The hubs got a listing in Fremont, so we all headed out to Fremont to go door knocking letting all the neighbors know about the home that's near them, is for sale! And if they know of anyone who is looking to buy in Fremont.

Raychel and Oceana had so much fun going door to door and handing out the flyer's of the home daddy is selling! These girls are such great little helpers!

The weather was perfect to be out door knocking. I actually really enjoyed doing this with the hubs and the girls! We get out of the house and enjoyed being outdoors, and walking around viewing all these different neighborhoods. Next time though we will need to take a stroller!! At the end of getting done the girls were starting to get tired and Ray had to carry Raychel and I had to carry little peanut on the way back to the car. SO... for sure... stroller next time!

(I didn't take my camera with me, so these pictures are through my blackberry)


  1. How awesome! What a great way to get the business out there and letting the girls be a part of it. YOu guys are so amazing!


  2. That's so nice that you and the girls can be a part of it. I'm sure it makes Ray feel good that you want to be a part of it too :)

  3. How fun! That's so neat that you got to turn work time into family time! :)

  4. awesome! I'm so proud of you guys. :) LOOOOVE!!!!


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