Easter Sunday!

  On Easter Sunday we got up and got ready to head to church. Church service was Amazing! After church we ran some errands and then headed back home to relax before meeting Ray's family at a Mexican restaurant we always go to on Easter Sunday. We all took a power nap and off we went to Cindy's house to do a quick Easter egg hunt for the little ones before heading to the restaurant. The kids had so much fun finding the eggs!! Raychel is in love with her Easter basket and her eggs lol. The Holidays are so much fun with little ones!! After the egg hunt we all headed to dinner and enjoyed some yummy food and great family time!

waiting for the Easter egg hunt to begin!
off they go...

All their eggies

The End of the Easter egg hunt

Los primos

The Family

Someone was hungry!

Raychel and her favorite little buddy

Oceana was so excited and curious on getting a big Easter gift

Grandma handing out the Easter gifts

Oceana was so excited to find a fluffy white bunny in her basket. She loves her stuffed animals.

Raychel loves her Easter basket!

Of course.. out of all the primos my girls are the only ones not looking at the camera!
The girls had their "dance on" with daddy before heading off to bed <333


  1. What a fun Easter! I love the girls matching outfits :) You are all such a beautiful family!

  2. I love the way you are holding your belly in the first picture...and all the rest of the photos are Oh so cute!! Your daughter are so precious!! Can`t wait to see your newest addition join in the fun:) Happy Easter my friend:)

  3. the girls dancing with daddy=so precious!

  4. That looks like a beautiful day full of God's graces!!

  5. You had such a great Easter. And I absolutely love family traditions, like how you guys go to the Mexican Restaurant for Easter.

    Great pics! The girls are so cute in their outfits.



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