Hubby Thursdays!

  So, I  failed to complete this task this weekend/week. Ray was out of state this whole weekend and I just couldn't get a recent picture with him.... well... I tired last night, but in the picture I looked ginormous! lol, So this is not a recent picture of us two.

What Ray and I love to do is spending alone time at night while the girls are in bed. We love to cuddle, relax,  and talk about our day. I also love going on dates with the hubs... well... I love doing anything really that includes him in it! =) I love this man!!!! Thank you Lord for placing him in my life!

Next week is a most recent picture of you two and 3 things you love about your hubs!


  1. i love sunggling with my hubs when the kids go to bed too! (although we have trouble keeping isaiah in bed!)

  2. Awh! At least you were able to snap a quickie of you two. And by the way you look great. :)


  3. How sweet I love this idea, my hubs does not like taking pictures so this will be a hard task.hehe

  4. How long do you keep your linkz open? I have a picture of my and my hubby that I am going to post and link up with you tomorrow night when I blog if that isn't too late?? I SOOO love this challenge Olga so keep it up!! Love your darling picture with your hubby. HOT HOT couple. PHEW!!

  5. Casey... I always just keep the link up up till next weeks new one lol =)

    Thanks for your sweet comments lady!


Thank you for blessing me with your sweet comments!! <3 them!