Hubby Thursdays!

  This week was 3 things you love about your husband, I know this might be hard since there probably is more then 3 things we love about our hubby's, but just pick the 3 main ones ;)

{one} He is a man of God.

{two} He is a hard worker.

{three} He loves us. He always makes time (he is so busy with work) for his little girls and me!

Last week on Thursday my husband left me this note...

I love when he leaves me little surprise notes! Later that day we were texting each other and he told me to find someone to watch the girls on Saturday so we can go out to dinner and a movie. I was so excited, of course I found some one (mother-in-law) to watch the girls right away. I love it when he sets up date nights for us!

Our date night...
we went to Girasole, a Italian restaurant, their food is amazingly good!!

 At the movies

 We watched Lincon Lawyer, such a good movie!

 We got home about midnight and believe it or not Oceana was still up! Raychel fell fast asleep with her besty, Jacob and Sally.

Next week is up to you on what you want to do. You can post an old picture of you and your hubby that you love, a date that is most memorable to you two, anything you want ;). Cant wait to see every ones post!

Oh! I know I am braking my own rules, but what I also love about my husband is that he is Ray and there is no one else in the world like him!!

I love you Ray!


  1. What a sweetie with that note! You two are such a great and wonderful couple. Love you girl! <3

  2. Cute cute pics and fun times you two had together. That food is incredible YUM looking!! Good hubby for leaving you sweet notes! Hey, I linked up this week. Aren'tcha proud of me;0 hehe

  3. Ok, I think this is a great link up! I will try to join next week. I can sure see you are taken with your man! And he...with you, that note an all...sweet! Keeps us girls home keepin' the home fires burnin' waiting for their return doesn't it?

    Enjoyed reading thru your posts today, thanks!

    Oh, and you are a really cute 'pregnant' girl too. Love it!

  4. I love you guys!!! You are the cutest! Love notes are the best and I'm so glad that Ray sends you them because you are an amazing wife and you deserve the best!

    I love you!

    PS You look gorgeous on your date!!!!

  5. I <3 love notes. It just warms my heart when I get them and gives me those little girl butterflies :)

    What a fun time!!! And wasn't that movie great!
    You two were meant for each other. The love you both have for each other shines in the pictures. You guys look great.

    Ps. As soon as I get Jay on Skype, I'll be posting my hubby Thursday (even though its a little late).

    <3 Ya!

  6. Such a sweet post...looking forward to posting next week for Hubby Thursdays!


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