This little thing will be starting pre-school on MONDAY!!

Oceana goes into her room and picks out her own outfit...

This is the outfit she choose...

Today I dont feel like doing anything, but sitting in th couch with my girls.

Happy Friday


  1. sometimes you NEED lazy days with the kids! (we're having a movie night tonight!) to answer your question, isaiah and eleanor are exactly 16 months apart (almost to the hour!) there is a little over 2 years between eleanor and jackson. :)

  2. Awh Goodluck to Raychel! She'll do great. She is so smart and has a great personality.

    Oceana did a great job picking out her outfit. She is so adorable.

    A lazy day sounds amazing!!!


  3. I can't believe she is already starting preschool! Is she excited? Beautiful girls as usual...and if I didn't wok today would've been a nice lazy day too :)

  4. Too funny...love the outfit...good job O!!!

  5. haha! oceana's expression! Love the new header!


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