Swap Party!

  Meagan and I hosted a Swap Party at Meagan's house, and it was such a blast! We are most definitely going to have more swap parties! A swap party is when you and all your girl friends get together and bring clothes, jewelry, etc, that you no longer wear and you trade! Basically you pick what you like and you take it! Whatever ended up being left we all agreed on donating it to a charity we all feel strongly for. We all had such a blast having some amazing girl time!

The set up...

 Meagan and her little peanut!
 and the swap begins!

 After swaping our clothes it was picture time!

 We all put on the clothes that was left to see who can make the silliest outfit! so much fun!
 at about 11:30pm
 it was time to call it a night!
I love these girls!!!!!!!


  1. haha the pictures are so funny. I had such a great time! Thanks for hosting Meagan and Olga. Love you girls!!! <3

  2. I'm so sad I missed it! I so wanted to be there (not sure if Marissa told you my situation). I'm keeping my fingers crossed you guys will host another one :D
    You girls look great and I'm glad you guys had a good time. What a great idea!!!!!


  3. Looks like a whole lot of FUN!!!

    You look too cute...and making me miss having a baby belly ;-)

  4. Olga, you have to be the prettiest preggo lady ever!! Your dress is darling and seriously this is SUCH A GREAT IDEA!! I would love to host something like this at my house someday!! Love the pictures!

  5. Thanks for your comment! I always love your comments (: I left you one back on the same post. What a fun night you girls had! I love your sweet baby tum!!! You are so beautiful!

  6. What a neat idea....looks like lots of fun girl time!! You are looking too cute!!


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