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My Fashionista's

  Oceana loves to pick out her clothes, she changes about 2 times a day sometimes 3 times. Oceana always wants to be in skirts or dresses and or anything pink and sparkly. She loves her nails painted, wearing lip stick {daddy does not like either or!}, loves jewelry and sunglasses. Raychel has actually not been caring as much on wearing skirts and dresses, she will, but she doesn't care on what she wears. Raychel still loves her nails painted and loves to wear lipstick, but I think she knows and gets it that daddy doesn't like it, so she doesn't ask much to get these things. Oceana on the other hand is always asking me for lipstick and if one of her nail polish is chipped, she will ask me to "paint" it for her lol!

PS Oceana got her hair cut and we gave her bangs!

{Picture taken by blackberry at my friend narmiens house}


Our Cancun Family Pictures

These are the pictures the guy took for us on Mothers Day. The girls did not want their picture taken whatsoever! The good thing is... we got a few good shots ;)

 It was so bright out it was hard to keep our eyes open. The hubby was the smart one on bring the sunglasses along.

I miss the warm sand between my toes!


Hubby Thursdays- our girls enrich our marriage

  Its hard to remember our life without our little ones. When I was pregnant with Raychel, Ray and I were so excited to have a mini "us" and to be a family of 3! We had no clue what we were about to take on; sleepless nights, exhaustion, and just plainly burnt out by the end of our days.

We hear much about the strain that parenting places on the marriage relationships, but little on how our children enrich our marriage. Our girls really do enrich our marriage...

*Our girls remind us that we are one.
Raychel is a very social and independent person, like her daddy, and she looks a lot like her daddy (what I hear form people), she has my eyes and my thickness of hair. Oceana totally has my big toe, its big and longer then the all the other toes lol! When oceana was born her baby picture and Ray's first picture look exactly a like! Seeing "us" in our girls is always a reminder that we are one!

*Our girls give great rewards.
About a month or two ago I picked up Raychel from pre-school and the teacher told me that they had a new girl in class and that Raychel was such a great helper and very friendly to her. The teacher also said that Raychel showed her around and was telling her what was going to happen next. When I picked Raychel up the mom or the baby sitter was actually there and she told me that Raychel was such a sweet heart to Scarlett (I believe that is her name) and that I have such a sweet daughter. Ray and I couldn't be any more proud! We are so proud of Raychel for being loving, caring and so very friendly to someone new. It was such a great reward for us, we felt like we are doing pretty good as parents. We also feel very rewarded when the girls pray for us if we get hurt, another huge blessing/reward to see them praying!

*Our girls promote appreciation
As parents we have so many responsibilities and they sure do keep us busy, so when mommy and daddy finally get some alone time we appreciate it so much more!! We take advantage of every minute we have alone together! Its such a real treat to be alone with the person you love and getting that one on one attention.

Not only do we enrich our marriage, but we enrich our girls. We provide a sense of belonging, we pass on traditions and values, we teach life skills, leadership and guidance, and most importantly we model relationships. =)

Raychel's birth

Oceana's birth

Can't wait to add the next picture down here of M's birth!

Children are a gift from the LORD; they are a reward from him.
psalm 127:3

~How do your children enrich your marriage??

Hubby Thursday!