10 Things I Love

A week or two ago I was tagged by Andrea over at Life Won't Wait on 10 things I love. I finally got around to posting it, so here is my 10 things I love...

{One} My Savior my God Jesus Christ

{Two} My family

{Three} My Friends {of course...not all my friends that I love are on here}

{Four} Starbucks! White chocolate mochas. {a good book is also a thing i love}

{Five} My church

{Six} Chips ahoy chocolate chip cookies & Milk

{Seven} Clothes, jewelery, shoes {picture from here}

{Eight} The beach

{Nine} Working out (even though I haven't in like 2-3 years lol! But I will get back on it as soon as McKenzie comes out into the world!) {photo from here}

{Ten} Blogging! I know I do not have the best grammar, punctuation, etc, but I love to share and be able to look back and see the extraordinary things God has and is doing in our lives!

Thanks for tagging me Andrea! =)



  1. i'm with you on working out! (it's hard to find time when you have kids!) white chocolate mocha. YUM! great list!

  2. Yup, I echo what you and Kristance have said. Working out is super hard when kiddos come along but, I too have had an urge to get in shape and take better are of myself these days. I love cookies and blogging and Jesus and clothes...sounds like we have a lot in common;0 hehe

  3. I think we could be best friends...those would probably be my exact top ten, plus photography! : )

  4. Thanks for participating! Love the post! That starbucks cup and a good book sounds amazing right about now:) And *oh sigh* the beach...

  5. I love you <3. I also love your list. :)


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