Cancun Mexico Dia primero

On our way to the SF airport

 Waiting to board

 Day one in Cancun was off to a not so good start for me. I was already feeling home sick the first night there. Here is why...

first off the plane ride was 5 hours, which isn't too bad, but for a 7 1/2 month pregnant women it wasn't fun. The girls did pretty good, they had their little moments, but that was about it. We boarded the plane at 8am. I didn't have much to eat and when I did eat on the plane I felt so sick I through it all up. The flight felt so long for me and I was so tired. When we finally arrived to Mexico, from the airport to where we were staying was an hour drive, not too bad, but I was still feeling kinda sick. Once we got to the Hotel and checked in we headed to our lovely room...

I loved our room it was so nice and clean. Once we got done putting all our stuff in our room we went to go find Ray's friend Manuel (who got married out there. he is the reason for this nice vaca!) and his soon to be wife. They were having a dinner party for every one that night. Off we went to search for them (here comes the part that Ray and I will never forget which totally tops our incident in Morocco!) Ray and I stopped to talk to a lady that was cleaning there to ask her if by any chance she new where the dinner party would take place. She said no and to go up one more set of stairs (our terrifying stories always have to include stairs lol). I was holding Oceana in my arms and Raychel was by Ray and I. So off Ray went up the stairs and so did Raychel and then Oceana and I were about to head on up when the lady stops me again and says how beautiful my girls are and she gave me a candy for each of them. I started heading on up and on the next level I see Ray on the left so I head over to where he is at. As I was heading towards Ray I still heard some foot steps going up the stairs, I didn't think much of it, I thought maybe it was other people. As I got closer to Ray I notice Raychel wasn't near him I asked Ray where Raychel was and he looks over at me and says, " I thought you had her!" I said, "No! I thought she was with you!" then I remembered the foot steps still going up the stairs, "Ray she kept going up the stairs GO!" Ray takes off running to go find her and I also take off running Oceana in my arms and big belly and all, I run as fast as my little legs could and up the stairs I go as fast as my little legs can. My heart dropped! I ran up two levels and I heard Ray still running up some more levels so I stopped at this one level and started screaming as loud as my lungs could yell, "RAYCHEL, RAYCHEL, RAYCHEL!!" So many things crossed my mind. I prayed "Lord Jesus PLEASE help me, help me find her!" I started screaming again while walking on the level I was on "RAYCHEL, RAYCHEL" I felt my belly contracting from screaming so loud. I look over to my left and half way through this hall way I scream again "RAYCHEL" and I see my darling angel! She got scared, my screaming frightened her. She walked over to me and I to her and we hugged so tight. I started screaming again, "RAY I FOUND HER! RAY I FOUND HER!" Ugh!! What a nightmare! It is the worst feeling in the world to not know where your child is, specially in a different country! I can NOT imagine what parents feel like when they cant find their kids for hours even days. It feels like a piece of you and your husband is missing. Its the worst feeling I have ever felt in my whole life! THE WORST!

After that horrible scare we finally found the dinner party. I went back up to our room with the girls to freshen up and get the girls changed and head back for to the dinner party.
The girls playing before heading up and getting changed...
 The soon to be married couple

 The dinner party at night

 After dinner we went back to our room to get some rest. I got in the bath tub with the girls to try to relax but I still didnt feel all that great. I tried going to sleep, but unfortunately for me I was throwing up all night and I was not feeling good at all. This and losing Raychel was not a good start to day one in Cancun Mexico.

I was feeling so sick when the hubs took this picture.

Stay tuned for parte dos (the wedding)!

{PS not sure what happen but my whole post was deleted and I had to re-post it, so all my comments also were deleted!}


  1. And you still look beautiful, I was sick my entire pregnancy so I can totally sympathize with the way you felt. I only had about 3 weeks where I didn't throw up at least 5 times a day :( Thank goodness she came a month early :) And I'm ready to it all over again...soon! Glad you got away before baby #3 comes!!!

  2. Oh what a horrible scare! So glad you were able to find Raychel! I'm so sorry you felt so sick:( But you look as beautiful as ever! xo

  3. It is so beautiful there. I'm so sorry to hear that you were sick but I'm sooo happy that Raychel was okay. So scary. I can't wait to see the wedding pictures. I love your room too - very nice!!!

  4. You poor thing!! That is way too much to handle being prego, on vaca, and then having a scare attack. I'm so glad to hear everything is okay. I hope the remainder of your vaca went well. The pics look beautiful.

    Ps: my little brother did that to my parents when we were younger. He fell asleep inside a tent at a store. I vaguely remember but I think he was a little older then Oceana.



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