Change of Name - help!

  SO, maybe it's better to wait till the actual birth on telling other people and or siblings the name of your new baby or unless you and your husband our both 100% sure on what you want to name your baby! Ray and I were between two names, McKenzie and Madison. I liked McKenzie a little better then Madison and Ray liked Madison a lot more then McKenzie. For some reason we sticked with McKenzie because too Raychel always preferred McKenzie better and she would rub my belly and say, "McKenzie!" she wouldn't say Madison. Anyhow, just a day or two ago Ray calls me and says that he does not like the name McKenzie anymore and that its a little annoying to him now-lol! And now we are thinking of naming our 3rd blessing Madison?! Its kinda hard and it feels weird to switch the name especially since we have been signing her name on every Christmas card, birthday cards, baby shower invitations, and we have been calling her McKenzie all this time. I have even posted it on this blog and all my pregnancy post "belly business." The good thing is that this is happening now before she is actually here! Now that I think about what Ray is saying I think I am liking more Madison... well... either way McKenzie is out for Ray, he no longer wants that name for his baby girl. So... I guess what I am asking is... how do you tell your almost 3 1/2 year old that blessing number 3 is now Madison?! When we tell Raychel that baby girls name is now Madison she says, "NO! Its McKenzie! I dont want Madison! She is McKenzie!" Goodness... some help please! What do you say for her to like the name or for her to know that either way blessing number 3 is the same person?? How do you explain this to an almost 3 1/2 year old?!?! How can I make it easy on her?? What do I say?!

Our 3rd blessings name is now...
Madison Marie Marquez 

I hope we don't change our minds! ahhh! lol! baby I should just call her baby M till she is actually out into the world!


  1. awww it will be okay hun...I think Raychel will get used to the new name. You should both love the name, so its right to change it if you aren't both on board. Personally, I LOVE the name Madison. :) Love you girly...it will all work out and Raychel will be fine and she will love her baby sister regardless of her name. <3

  2. This is so funny....Jim and I had a name 'somewhat' picked out that my boys knew and when we got to the hospital, had our babe, we decided 'we didn't have a name'! We were suppose to leave the hospital and I refused to leave without giving our child a name! We did finally name him, came home, and told the boys what his name was and my 2 year old said, "uh oh, you brought the wrong one home!" He still loves him even though it isn't what he thought he was going to get. (just a little word of encouragement)

  3. wow, that is a tough one!!! But I think it's great that you guys are taking the leap and changing the name instead of sticking to it because it's easier and then being unhappy with the name you have given your child. I have kind of an out-there idea for how to get your little girl to accept that her sister's name is not going to be McKenzie...maybe you could try getting her a little baby doll or stuffed animal and telling her that she can name it McKenzie if she would like, but that you are in charge of naming your baby (like your named her Raychel) and that you are going to name her Madison. I don't know if it will work or not, but maybe? lol. Good luck!!! I'll pray for a safe delivery and healthy baby!!

  4. OMG Olga. This is WAAAYYYY too funny because.....we've had our name picked out since I was 23 wks and we've called the baby that since. LAST NIGHT I was reading the baby name book and thinking maaaaaybe I want to change it (because it's not as unique as our daughters' names and I have this weird need for it to be super unique lol) anyways, that's so funny you've changed the name! I love Madison too!! I think its super cute! I just asked Alaeyah today what if we changed his name and she scrunched up her face and was like "But how?? That's HIS NAME!" hahaha

  5. Thank you every one for your encouraging comments! I feel so much better =)

    @ Leah- that is such a good idea I will have to try it!! Thanks!

    @Kim- Girl, we have so much in common! We are pretty much going through the same things! lol! Its too bad we dont live close =(. I am so glad I found your blog though ;) xoxo

  6. Ha ha!! Y'all sound like we did with our kids! With Emma we literally were held up leaving the hospital b/c we couldn't agree on her middle name! And with Aaron, we had discussed it a lot, but had never really said it was 100%. Then after I gave birth, while they were still cleaning Aaron up, my husband got a phone call and I heard him say, "Yes, he's here!!! We named him Aaron!!" I was like WHAT?? We did??? Ha ha ha! I love it, though so it turned out okay in the end!

  7. This is so funny, I guess I learned a little something from it too, not to tell Izzy until the baby is born what the name is, when baby #2 is on it's way...not yet though :( Hoping soon! I love Madison Marie...if I didn't already have a neice Madison I would have named Izzy Madison. And our next one, if a girl will have Marie as her middle name since we agreed that our next one will take either mine or the hubby's middle name. Raychel will do great when little Madison arrives, once she gets used to it, and the doll idea is great!

  8. Oh my! Well for the record BOTH names are fab and any name you choose she will be loved no matter what.

    As for Raychel, you could try to explain to her that you and Ray like the name Madison and so does the baby#3. And maybe tell her baby#3 likes the name Madison (or something, unless you guys decide to change it).

    I wish you two the best of luck!!!!!
    I wish I had better advice. Jay and I changed Bri'elles name last minute but we didn't have any other little ones to think about since she was our first.

    We did have a nickname picked out for her that we gave her when we found out we were pregnant instead of saying it until we knew the sex of the baby. Her nickname was baby Alfie (for Alfonso). You could call her M&M or e"MMM"a or something. :)



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