Dana's Graduation Party

  Ray's good friend John, put together a graduation party for  his wife at Barones. It was such a nice time being with friends and celebrating Dana's BIG accomplishment. She was so happy to have her family and friends celebrate with her all the hard work she has put into school and now finally being done. Her hubby is so sweet to get this party together for her big day.

John and Dana. Isn't Dana just gorgeous?! I love her dress too! John saying a speech...

The pregos who were at the party. Me and Brenaly (in the black) are only two days apart!! Dana sister (in the blue) is a month behind me and Brenaly.

Dana's sister is having a girl, I'm having a girl, and Brenaly is having a boy! It' so much fun talking prego talk with other mommies who are prego!

Nadine and I. Love this girl, she is a sweet heart <33

I did not take a picture of me and the hubs =( the hubs looked so handsome too. After the graduation party Ray and I had a nice little date night! I didn't take any pictures of our date night =(.

Happy Wednesday Every One!


  1. Um...the three most beautiful pregnant women I have ever seen? What's up with that?? I looked as miserable as I felt when I was pregnant, lol!!

  2. Good for her!!! And what a sweet hubby! Sounds like an amazing dinner to be celebrated.

    You girls are sooo cute! Its definitely fun to be prego with others. The experience is one all mommies can relate to.

    Glad you guys had fun but next time get one of you and Ray! I always get bummed out when I go to upload my pics and notice I didn't get one of me and the hubs.

    Glad we got to see you and the girls this past weekend.


  3. You are gorgeous my love!!! I LOOOVE your belly. And I love your outfit!


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