Hubby Thursdays!

  This week was posting anything you wanted about your hubby. Today I am posting a day that the hubby and I will never forget, our day in Morocco.

As you may know from the post about 2 weeks ago, we went to Spain and Africa (Morocco) for our honeymoon. Since we were so close to Africa we did a tour that took us to a little town in Africa called Morocco. Many of you have probably heard about this place, I know there was a movie that took place in Morocco or should parts about Morocco, I don't remember the name of it, anyhow, so we took a tour there with a group of people and our tour guy. The tour guy (Spain tour guy) that led us on a boat to Morocco wasn't our tour guy in Morocco. (When your original tour guy says to stay in a group and do not apart, PLEASE do what they say and always stay with your group!!) Once we arrived, the Moroccan tour guy took us around to see all the beautiful views, they took us to a restaurant, and then to all these little shops. Ray and I did not buy anything, because we didn't need anything these little shops provided. A lot of the people from our group did buy things at these shops. Once we got out of this one shop, most of our group was standing outside waiting for the tour guy to guide us to the next place. Ray and I were standing in the back when this man who also was with the tour guy (Moroccan tour guy) approached us and said, " Hey... look... come this way there is so many nice things over here." Ray and I didn't think anything of it and we also thought that someone else from our group was coming along too, but no, that wasn't the case it was just us. Once we got to the shop we just looked around, but again we didn't like or need anything, so the guy was like, "Go, go up stairs, there is more! there is also a beautiful view at the very top." We were kinda cornered up, so up we went...

*You know when you park in a parking garage and you have to go up or down the stairs? you know how they go straight up then there is a small plat form for you to turn left and then go back up? I don't know if there is a name for it? anyhow, this is how the stairs were but with very closed in walls.

 we kept going up and up until we hit this small room. There still was one more set of stairs to go up out into the open. In this room there was 2 men sitting plus the guy who led us there. The tour guy or who ever the heck he was told us to go up one last time to see the beautiful view as well as the other two men that where there. We went up one last time to this big open plat form (roof top) that looked out to most of the town. The view was beautiful, but Ray and I were freaked, and we were so ready to get our "behinds" out of there! The tour guy was like,  "look, that's the temple were we pray." and all these other things that went into one ear and out the other. Ray then told the guy, "Thanks man, this is nice but we should be getting back now." the guys says, "Sure, sure." and leads us back down to where the two men were since that is the only way back down. When we got to where the men were, one of the men, believe it or not, was sharpening a knife! and the other was smoking form a pipe plus drinking something green in a clear glass, but that's NOT all... the guy drinking this green thing and smoking out of a pipe, had a video camera out! He was pointing it towards Ray and I,  and was pressing some buttons on the video camera as if pressing record. The vedio camera was on top of a table (or the bench he was sitting on. don't quite remember) so his hands are free. He says, "Sit, sit down." Ray and I are in complete shock, we are like robots and we do as he says. The other man is still sharping his knife until the green drink guy says, "Go, go get the rugs." (I am not sure if he said it in English or in his language but i assume that's what he said since the man came back with rugs) while the other man was gone he offered us a drink, the same kind he was drinking, we said, "oh, no thank you, we are ok." Then the other man came back with these little rugs wanting to sell them to us. As all of this was happening all these thoughts were crossing my mind, what would I do if they did not want to let us go if we didn't buy their rugs? my heart was pounding a million miles per second! I wonder if they can sense my fear? What if they ask me to worship their god? what would I do? what would I say? Then I thought, God help us get the heck out of here, PLEASE! Then Ray stands up! He says, "These rugs are very nice, but right now we don't need any at the moment. We should be heading our way now, thanks again." I stood up while ray was talking and once he was done we took off! Down the stairs we went as fast as our legs can go. Once we made it out, it felt so good to be out of there!! What a relief! Now we just needed to find our group! Thank God they were near and we spotted them at a near by store. When we walked in to the store everyone from our group was just staring at us as if they had seen a ghost! hahaha!! We pretty much did. All our color was flushed out from the scare, I sure looked like a ghost! After that we stuck to our group like super glue. Finally we headed back to Spain! We were so happy to be back at our hotel. We talked about that whole incident all that night. This for sure is a day Ray and I will NEVER forget!

 This was the roof top were on! They tour guy told us to take a picture, so I did lol!

 This was the shop our group was in when we found them.

 Us after that horrible scare. I sure looked pail! Ray on the other hand always looks handsome no matter what we've been through lol.
My heart was still beating pretty fast in this picture.

I wonder why us? Did they notice we were not buying anything? Was it because we were young? Was their intentions really something bad or just to scare us? Was the video camera really recording?

whatever it was I thank God for protecting us and bring us back home safe! For the Lord Jesus is my God, my savior, and I would never worship any other, but Him! He is the name I would/will speak out to all the people and no other!

NEXT WEEK... where/how you two met, and the very first picture you two ever took together ( if you can find it), and of course a most recent! =) cant wait to here all of your stories/post this week and next week.


  1. Oh my goodness I would've been so scared! Thank God you got outta there! Awesome pics though:)

  2. I loved that story! I don't know what we would have done! So glad you got out of there so I could read your blog (haha)! Love your blog and You have such a beautiful family! I hope to link up sometime!

  3. Thank God you two got out of there. Not sure if this is the movie you are talking about but this type of scene is in Sex in the City 2.



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