Ray's Real Estate Blog!!

His blogs main focus is... every two weeks he will update you with a video on how to make a smart decision in real estate, improve the value of your home, and keep you up to date on what's happening in our local real estate market!

We live in the Bay Area, so if you live close by or planning to move to northern California or if you are looking to hear and learn about smart real estate decision, follow my hubby's blog and stay updated with what is going on in the real estate market!

Check him out!!


  1. So cool! I'm so proud of you guys :)

  2. This is so awesome. We are hoping to buy pretty soon (well as soon as Jay gets a job). I'm definitely going to follow his blog. We need all the extra tips and trick we can get. It's so great that he goes the extra mile to do something like that. Not many people do.


  3. Great blog. I'm so excited for you both!


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