Our lunch/dinner spot before the kids

  When Ray and I got married we lived in Manteca, which is about 40 to 45 minutes away from where we live now. This past Saturday we headed out to Manteca to talk to our State Farm Agent we have out there that we love and trust. After meeting with her we decided to head to our old sushi spot! Their food is so good and so inexpensive, that's why we love it lol, and because the owners are such nice people. Since it is so inexpensive, when Ray and I lived out in Manteca, we would go there all the time for lunch or dinner. We were such regulars that they new exactly what we wanted and would start making it right away.  It was fun going there with our two little ones and the one on the way. The owners couldn't believe it, they were very excited to see us with our little ones. We had a great time enjoying some great food and remembering the times before we had the kiddos.


  1. Oh I love sushi...and it's great to have your own spot that you love so much!

    Your babies are so cute & look like they are loving it, too!

  2. Aw love that last picture! Your girls are so cute eating with chopsticks!

  3. sweet, that is so cool! I love the criteria then which works now two with little ones to raise...sushi and cheap! Fun!

  4. YUMMY. I love love love Sushi!! Looks like a great little place.


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