Today I Turn 26 Years Old!

  I am so thankful for another year God has given me. I am so blessed to be where I am at now. I have the most amazing husband as well as my two beautiful girls plus one more who soon we will meet in July, praise God! I wouldn't change my life for anything! God has for sure blessed me with more then I deserve, but that is the amazing God we serve. If you're truly faithful by just a little He will surely pour His blessings on you! Thank you heavenly Father for this day and ever day, may they be filled with praises, love and joy!

Belly Business

I am 30 weeks pregnant today!!

Little McKenzie weighs about 3 pounds.

She is such a wiggle worm and I love it! I love feeling her move and hiccup!

We are getting more and more excited on meeting our 3rd blessing!!

I have been feeling so tired by the end of the day, and I have been getting heart burn. I never had heart burn with Raychel or Oceana, so this is something new, other then those things I feel great!


  1. Happy Birthday! Good luck with the heartburn, I had it really bad! (just eat tums) lol

  2. Happy Birthday!! You look great, too!

  3. Happy Birthday Girl! Beautiful pics, you look amazing :)

  4. Happy Birthday girl! May God continue to bless you!!! BTW, you look great in both of these pictures. I <3 it!


  5. Happy Birthday!!! You look AMAZING!!! love the pic!!!

  6. Ok, how many where a bikini at 30 weeks along?...Happy Birthday to you! And yes, get the tums out. First time that happened to me I thought I was having a heartattack and went in my room to die in peace, I wouldn't tell ANYBODY until my mom found me in my room FREAKING OUT! A little tums does amazing things! HEEHEE!

  7. Gorgeous photos. Simply beautiful. I LOVE the black and white one! Happy Birthday.

  8. Happy birthday again!!! I LOVE these pictures, you look gorgeous! I had horrible heartburn with Jordan. Keep the Tums with you at all times. They really help but only temporarily. I had to basically fall asleep with them because that was when it was worst. I hope it gets better soon for you.

  9. I Love you girly! I hope you had a happy happy day! And you look amazing!!!


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