Elizabeth and Hugo's Wedding...

was just BEAUTIFUL! It was such a beautiful feeling seeing my sister finally find the one and get MARRIED!! I am so happy for her!! I still can not believe she is a married women now!! Praise God!

You can find Elizabeth and Hugo's story here ;)

At the ceremony Hugo had this look on his face that was filled with love towards my sister, the way he looked at her as she was coming down the isle, a look of joy that filled his eyes with tears, a look of happiness, and a look of completion, it was beautiful! It is such a blessing seeing my sister and Hugo in love and making this commitment to God and each other. It was one of my best days ever {besides mine and my hubby's wedding... of course, and the birth of my beauties}, what a beautiful feeling seeing your sister get married! Brother, your next!! Well, you are still too young, lets wait a few more years then you can get married ;)

{The Place/Decorations}

Elizabeth getting her hair done by our good freind Clarissa...

At our parents getting ready...

 Elizabeth hanging out with the most beautiful flower girl EVER! Raychel loved seeing her tia get ready in her beautiful princess dress!

 Then after all the getting ready it was time for Elizabeth to make her grand appreance!

The bride making her 1st apperance {Hugo did not get to see her 1st appreance.}
 Our dad so proud of his daughter!

More pictures to come!!

{pictures taken by Tatiana and Me!}


  1. Wow! It's all so beautiful! What an amazing venue for a wedding - so original, too!

    Congratulations to your sister!

  2. What a unique and beautiful wedding venue!! Your sister looks gorgeous, I love that she is wearing natural-looking makeup, sometimes brides go wayyy overboard with all that stuff, but she just looks fresh and pretty!

  3. so beautiful, you girl's are gorgeous!

  4. Wow, I love everything...it is so simple but beautiful :) Your sister looks so happy and absolutely gorgeous, what a beautiful family you have!! And yes seeing your sister happy and getting married is amazing, I still have 2 sisters and 2 brothers to have weddings and I can't wait!!!!!

  5. onw word - Gorgeous!!! I'm sure I can give you tons but they would all mean the same thing ;)
    It looks so romantic! LOVE LOVE LOVE
    Just LOVE it!

    I love that she came in on horseback!!!!!

    Can't wait to see more!


  6. CONGRATS to your sis!! That is too sweet!! Love the horse back ride and the gorgeous reception room!!! What a beautiful bride your sister is!!

  7. It was such a beautiful wedding! I feel very blessed to have been a part of it!!!!



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