Hubby Thursdays- Family QT

The weather out in Cali has finally been hot! I love it!! This past Monday {Oceana's actual birthday, June13th} Ray came home from work and asked us if we all wanted to go for a walk, right away we all said, "yes." I absolutely love family quality time "QT."

 It was so nice going out for an evening walk with the whole family. There is something about the outdoors that is so relaxing and a great bonding time. We are defiantly making this a tradition!

We walked over to down town Danville and did a few stops at a few places... our last stop was at Baskin Robins! The girls and Ray got vanilla ice cream and prego mommy got a mint chocolate chip shake!! It was SO GOOD!! I should had gotten a large instead of a small lol, next time I will know to get me a large!  

I just love spending family time with the hubs!! He is always so busy, so any chance we get to spend any extra time with Ray as a family... we wouldn't miss it for the world!!!

walking the Iron Horse Trail back home.

What is your family tradition for the summer or what is your favorite family QT?


  1. We have the same stroller you're pushing...I love it! Time spent as a family is the best. Love the pictures as usual!

  2. sweet, I love that you cherish these moments!

  3. I just love your little family, girl.

    So happy that There are parents like you and Ray raising up the next generation!

  4. How awesome!!!! I love family walks. We do walks almost every night after dinner/before bed. Now that the weather is better it is a great way to get some Vitamin D. And it will help get that baby moving inside you :D

    I'm a little late but I'm going to link up :)



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