Hubby Thursdays

I love this picture of Ray and Raychel {even though Raychel is not looking}.

There is something so special about seeing a dad with his little girls. I love seeing and hearing how much our girls love their daddy.

Every morning they ask me where daddy is... I am pretty sure they know where he is, and what I am going to say... but they always still ask me, "mom, where is daddy?" and of course m-f I say, "He is at work, honey." I love that they ask for him! Oceana's cute little voice when she asks is so precious. This girl will ask every few hours "where is daddy" she will ask when we get back home either from the store or grandma's or any outing, if she does see Ray's car parked in the garage, she will ask "where daddy is," I love it! When Ray comes home for lunch and or at the end of the day the girls take off running to give him a big hug and kiss. I love this, and I am so glad they do it all the time. I hope it stays this way forever!

what do your little one(s) do or say about their daddy that you love?


  1. aww such a cute picture. I agree....it completely melts my heart to see Jordan and Justin together. Sometimes I stay hidden and watch them talk and play together...it is such a blessing. :)

  2. There is nothing better than to see your darlings loving your husband. I want this to stay like this forever for you too. You keep edifying that man of yours and the girls will follow your lead.

  3. love this! men being sweet on their kids just melts my heart! (especially when they're loving on tiny babies!)

  4. The picture of Ray and Raychel is so cute. I love how she is resting her elbow on his shoulder. It's amazing to see daddy's with their kids, especially daughters. It truly is something special. I love every minute watching Jay and Bri'elle.
    I sure do hope it stays like that forever - from experience it does :)



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