Today Two Years Ago...

we were blessed with baby number 2, Oceana! Oceana Happy 2nd Birthday baby girl!!! We love you so much! Where has the time gone?! We feel like it was just yesterday you came out into the world.

 You are such a sweet heart, but you can also be such a drama queen.

You talk so much, and you do whatever your sister does and says.

You are becoming a little more of a daddy's girl, even though most of the time you still prefer mommy, but lately you have been asking more for daddy and wanting to cuddle and play with him a lot more now.

Oceana you are such a blessing to us, we are so thankful to have you as our daughter!

Raychel loves you so much, and for the most part you guys do really well playing together. Yes... of course, you two fight, but for the most part you two do well. Pretty soon you and Raychel will be having a new little playmate!!

 OC you make daddy and me laugh so much, there is times that Raychel will say, "No Oceana!" and you put on this fake sad face, and you just take off running to your room or the play room and you stay there for a few minutes and then you come back out, it makes daddy and mommy laugh... you are too cute!

Oceana, may God have an extraordinary plan for you, may you do wonderful things for His kingdom! May you be blessed all the days of your life! Always seek our Lord Jesus Christ for He will always listen and be there for you. He is faithful im keeping His promises, so always keep in prayer, hope and faith. We love you so much Oceana!


Oceana's 1st birthday

 2nd Birthday!

Love, Ray, Raychel and


  1. Happy Birthday Oceana!!! We love you so much sweet girl <3

  2. Happy Birthday to you, Oceana!!!!!! She is so cute! The cakes look amazing! I love the 2nd bday theme is Dora and she resemebles her a little with her new haircut!

    To Oceana = Don't grow up to fast sweetie pie. Hope your 2nd Birthday is terrific because TWO's are Terrific! <3

  3. Happy birthday to your beautiful little girl!! I can't believe those eyelashes. I love what you said to her about God...oh how I pray that my son and any future children will come to truly know Him in their hearts.

  4. Wow, 2 years :) She is so big. Eventhough we only know you through your blog your girls seem like they are amazing little girls! I think our girls would get along great...Izzy is also a drama queen, LOL!!!


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