I ate A LOT!

  A few weeks ago I was out with my girls and there was this little boy with his mom, this little boy looks at me and then tells his mom... "Mommy she ate a lot!" the mommy looks at me and then tells her little boy, "No honey, she has a baby in her belly." The little boy- "OoOh!." lol!! Goodness, then most of the little kiddos out there must think I eat A LOT! hahaha!!


  1. haha, kids will be kids. That is too darling. And honey you look great with a baby in your belly or even eating ALOT. lol.


  2. Kids, they tell as they see it! Love their honest little selves, you look great, look forward to hearing alllllllll about it!

  3. Olga...this is such a cute story!!! You are one of the cutest preggo mommys i have ever seen!!! How are you feeling???


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