Blessed By A Sweet Friend

  Today, thanks to one of my BFF's,  I didn't have to make dinner!!

Meagan made this amazing lasagna...

I was going to take a picture of it before eating it, but I totally forgot and couldn't help it, because it looked so good, and it was so good!! Not only did she make dinner for me, but she wrote in this beautiful card for me. What I loved most about what she wrote in this card was that she said after she made it, her and her hubby prayed over it!!  Isn't that just so great?! I love that her and her hubby pray together even for the simplest/smallest of things! That is beautiful!

I am so blessed to have met this girl! He placed her in my life about almost 2 years now, and I am so thankful that she will be in my future!

Thanks Meagan!!

PS I had other wonderful ladies from my church and friends come bring me dinner or just stopped by to meet little Madi!! Thank you ladies!


  1. How sweet... The smallest things make a big difference. Dinner looks amazing!!!

    What a sweet girl and family!

    Btw, I want to come visit you guys soon :) maybe next week?


  2. Looks yummy!! What a great friend. Maybe Meagan could share the recipe?

  3. awww Meagan you are such a sweetie!!! That was soo thoughtful and Olga you deserve it ;) Gotta love amazing friends. That Lasagna looks delicious!!!

  4. THAT is a reason to have a baby RIGHT there! Oh, the meals that would pour in, such a blessing, such a blessing! It is also fun to make a meal for a new Momma and her family. This is true friendship!


Thank you for blessing me with your sweet comments!! <3 them!