Hubby Thursdays- First Impression

  I met Ray while working at a Chiropractor's office in Dublin. Ray would come in to get adjusted by the Dr. since he's work was right next door to us. Ray was a DHL driver back then.

The first time I saw him I thought he was good looking hot, but that was pretty much it. Then he got in a car accident so he started coming in more. As I got to talk to him more he was just a fun guy to be around, he was always so positive and happy, and he always made me laugh. I could see he had a great heart!

So, that was pretty much my first impression of Ray that he was HOT, then as i got to know him, and seeing what a great guy he is, is when feelings started building up!

More about how we met on the next Hubby Thursday!! I actually wanted to hook Ray up with my sister!! Thank God that didn't happen!!!! lol!

what was your first impression on your hubby/fiance/boyfriend? 


  1. aww that is so sweet. You two are adorable together. <3

  2. So cute! What a great story and now look at you two. Good thing you kept Ray for yourself. You two are perfect for each other.



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