Hubby Thursdays!

  Raychel and Oceana have adjusted really well with Madison. It's like if Madison has always been here and nothing has changed {its more me trying to adjust with all three}. I know that a big part of them adjusting so well to Madison is that Ray is always loving on them! He plays with them, cuddles with them, watches princess movies with them, even performs a puppet show for them and this meaning the puppets being barbies -haha!! He also plays their favorite game, grocery shopping. The girls have a little register and a grocery cart so they pretend to go grocery shopping and pay for their groceries!

Ray, thank you for being such an amazing father to your 3 beautiful girls!!

PS it feels so nice to blog again!! I love to blog and journal our life, but I also love all the sweet encouraging comments you all leave, specially, the post I posted on adjusting to my three girls. You guys truly made my day and lifted my spirits! Thank you guys!! Sorry I haven't been commenting on your guys is blog, but now that I am getting a schedule down I will be checking everyones posts! <333
God bless!


  1. wow, i was looking on your side bar, and its crazy how much madi looks like her dad!

  2. So cute. Ilove Ray! I remember loving playing "Shopping" when I was a little girl. I always wanted to ring up and collect the money. :) LOVE YOU!

  3. Daddy's hold a special place in their daughters heart. I love seeing dad's who play "girl" stuff with their little loves. It truly shows who they are and how great they are.

    Raychel and Oceana are so awesome. I knew they would be wonderful big sister's to Madison. They are so loving and caring.... Yay for Big Sister's!!!


  4. awww your girls and hubby are all so sweet! These are adorable pictures to cherish. You have a great man by your side Olga and that is such a great thing to have in life! You two make a great team!! Love you girl!


Thank you for blessing me with your sweet comments!! <3 them!