My Little Secret...

  Well maybe its not so much a secret, I think most moms do this after having a baby.

This is how I get back into pre-baby. The 3rd day after having Madison I wear a Belly Bandit or I wear my Spanx. This totally helps shrink the belly down! After wearing my Belly Bandit and or my Spanx for a week I noticed that my belly went down drastically! Ever since having Raychel {my first} my mom was the one to tell me to wear a Belly Bandit, she actually purchased it for me. I am so glad she did, because I truly believe it helps get your belly back to pre-baby! When I had Oceana {my second} I slacked on wearing the Belly Bandit and I felt that it did take longer for my belly to go down. Now, with Madison {my third} I wear it all the time and  when I don't wear it I feel good about how my belly looks with-out the Belly Bandit. I still don't fit into all my jeans, but I feel better about how my belly looks, and over all, how I look. Also, I am conscious of my tummy muscles, Every time I have to change a diaper weather its Oceana's or Madisons I make sure I hold my tummy muscles in tight as if I am doing a sit up. My girls are also a big help to getting back to pre-baby, they keep me on my toes! I am constantly moving around getting something for them or playing with them. Anyhow, that's my little secret.. or maybe not so much a secret. ;)

with the spanx


Little Madi!
 Oc wanted a picture too! Raychel is in school so no pic with Raychel =( maybe when she gets home I will add her ;)

What do you do? Any other tips to help get back to pre-baby?


  1. What a genius idea! I wish that I had known this when having my three :)
    You look beautiful Mama! Madison and Oceana are darling!

  2. You are too cute! And look so good for having your 3rd child. I'll have to try the spanx/belly bandit the next time around.

    What I did is a lot of walking. and I mean alot! My weight from Bri'elle was mostly water so it went down pretty quick after having her. I have found that walking helped. From the beginning of pregnancy walking helped me keep most everything in shape. I was still going to the gym being 6 months pregnant. After Bri'elle was born I took her on walks. I would even go to the mall and just walk around. I walked everywhere even just 10 minutes here and there around the house I felt helped. Also when Bri'elle was a baby I would always rock her standing up and it was as if I was doing baby zumba trying to put her to sleep. Holding her was also working out my arms. It's amazing the things US mom's find to help us out.

    You look great girl!!!!! Thanks for the tip!


  3. You are just absolutely gorgeous!!

    Great tip, I will definitely being doing that 3rd time around. With this second baby it took A LOT longer to get the weight than the first. I'm finally started to feel REAL GOOD about my body again :)

    Ash from www.themanyfacesofreagan.blogspot.com

  4. You look fabulous! I've heard the Belly Bandit works wonders! One day... : )

  5. Girl....i need one of those!! You look amazing!! I'm so jealous!! Do you eat much? I love food!! I still have 16 lbs to lose to be back to my pre pregancy weight..I gained 45!! It's coming off very slow!!

  6. You look amazing...I'm totally going to buy one of these the next time around ;) My biggest secret was nursing haha....it worked really fast for me with Jordan. I love these pictures of you...you look gorgeous and so do the girls.

  7. you are bouncing back fast! im so jealous! i heard that too! also that your ligaments are still soft right after baby so if you shove yourself back into your jeans (or wear spandex) it brings your hips back into place before your ligametns harden back up and your hips stay larger. Anyway, you look way good!


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