My New Fragrance Is Called...

 Baby Milky Way!! Starting now till about almost a year I will be smelling like this!!

if you want Baby Milky Way just come on over, hold Madison for a bit and you will be smelling like beautiful rivers of milk!!

Happy Friday Everyone! God Bless!

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  1. I love you. I need to see her soon and hold her...not for the Baby Milky way but for the cuteness ;)

  2. You both are so cute!!! (: Thank you so much for your email a few wks back, I loved hearing from you!! I'm so sorry I have yet to respond, lifes been cah-razzzy. I so look up to you for keeping up with your blog with 3 babies!!! You are super woman (: I think abt you often, how fun would it be to live close and have playdates! (: Sweet blessings, friend! Have a great wknd with your sweet family!

  3. Awh sweet Madi!!! The best fragnance a mom can get :)
    Happy Friday to you too!



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