Hubby Thursdays- Our Beginning

  How Ray and I met...

I worked at a chiropractors office in Dublin and Ray would come in to see the doctor and get adjusted. The first time I met him I thought he was such a hottie, and that was it. After he kept coming in a few more times I became more interested, so I checked his file to see how old he was and if he was married. When I looked at his file and seen he was 26 and not married I thought... I'm too young {I was 18}, he will never look at me in that way {as a girlfriend/future wife.} My next thought was... I should try to get Ray and my sister together! I told my sister about how great of a guy Ray was and that she should come to my work one day about five-ish {this is the time he mostly always comes in} in hopes they would run into each other. Elizabeth came to my work one day around five-ish, she got adjusted by the docotor and waited around to see if Ray would show up. She waited, waited, and waited some more and nothing, no Ray. Elizabeth told me, " Well Olga, its probably not meant to be." I told her, "just wait five more minutes and if he doesn't come then you can head on out." Five minutes past and no Ray. Elizabeth then left, and about 3 minutes after she left... guess who shows up? Ray! I was bummed they missed eachother, but something inside of me was very happy to see him and not share him with my sister. As days gone by, less and less I would talk to my sister about getting them two together, and the more I would fall for Ray. I loved going to work on the days I knew he would be there. I would wait all day for it to be evening to see him walk in through the door. My heart would beat so fast and I would pretend to be working or looking down at a file as if I didn't know he was walking in. I loved those few minutes we had to talk and to take him off the traction machine. He made me smile, laugh, he put a spark in me that I have never felt! One day, He asked me, "So, what type of guys do you like?" I loved that he asked me this because it made me think... maybe he likes me or is interested in me a little? after I told him what type of guy I liked I then asked him the same question, and he said, "Well, I like girls who are latin, but that don't look latina." I thought.. Ok, thats totally me. I then said, "Oh, Ok." He then asked for my number!! I was so excited, but of course, I wasnt going to show him how excited I really was. 

We went out a few times, and i was on cloud nine everytime we went out. He would call me and i would call him. There was a time in our dating days that he wouldn't call for a few days then he would call. I was confused and sad, because i wanted to talk to him everyday. i remember saying to my self... am not calling him or setting a date night with him anymore. if he really wants something serious with me he will make the move. I was at work when i seen him again. My heart pounded so fast that i thought it was going to jump off my chest, and these crazy butterflies in my stomach. We talked, laughed, then he said he would call me later. This made me so happy yet sad, because i had no clue were this was going. After work i got into my car and started crying my eyes out. I was praying to God telling him that if this guy was not going to be my future husband  that he would stop calling me! BUT, that if he was the "one" then that he would keep calling me even if i did not call him. Sure enough, he was calling everyday, texting, saying... I don't know what is going on with me,  I cannot stop thinking about you.!! praise god!!! Lord Jesus, you are amazing! you listen to me even when i am so not worthy. You always come through and answer all my prayers!! thank you Lord Jesus for being such a loving God! No one can fathom your amazing love, Lord, and i thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no thank you is ever enough on how thankful I am of you! And since then everything else was history!!!

the office

~ its so awesome to go down memory lane! it brings back all those amazing new love feeling! I challenge you to go down memory lane this evening with your husband and remember those great new love feeling! We get so cought up with work, kids, laundry, clean house, that we should take time to remember those beautiful first dates full of spraks, and butterflies!

God bless!  


  1. That is such a cute story! I thought the same thing when I met my hubby, he was 21 I was 17 four years apart, but hey, whats age when it comes to love right?? Well, unless a teen wants to marry a 40 year old lol, xo!

  2. Such a sweet story. God is amazing. He knows the desires of our hearts and answers our prayers! :)

  3. God is so good! I'm so happy that he brought you both together because you are perfect for each other and I love hearing these sweet stories. :)

  4. How amazing! God had a plan for you both and it was that you would be together. And now look at you two! What a perfect plan God had.



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