Relay For Life!

God placed a sweet friend name Brandi into my life! 

I think its been 9 months since I first met Brandi, and she is amazing!

Brandi was 5 years old when she was diagnosed with cancer. She finished all her treatments at age 7, and 14 years later she was diagnosed again, BUT... now, she is cancer free! She is wife to Jay and a wonderful mommy to a beauitful little girl, bri'elle. This is Brandi's testimony of the miracle God has performed in her! She gives all the praise and glory to God! Praise God!!

Thank you Lord Jesus for Brandi! Thank you for giving her life and placing her in my life!!!

So, with that being said, we joined her team for American Cancer Society's Relay For Life of Pinole. 
It was a great event raising awareness for cancer!

Being apart of Relay For Life was such a blessing. It showed God's amazing power! Nothing is impossible to Him! It was so much fun spending time with all my BFF's! We all had a great time spending time together, hanging out, walking a few laps, and enjoying some yummy food. The kiddos also enjoyed hanging out with their buddies, playing with all the cool toys they had, running around on the grass, and walking a few laps as well.

It was a great Saturday morning!

Brandi's Quote
"I'm thankful for every breathe I take and everyday I live. Each day is not promised."

You can read more on her blog {{HERE.}} subscribe to her blog and follow!

 Brandi's theme was "Happy Birthday" in hopes for more b-days for everyone.


  1. Wow, what an amazing story! What a beautiful testament to God!
    {Abby has the same shirt that your girls were wearing :) }

  2. Isn't Brandi sooo amazing!!! I love this post and I'm so happy we were all there to support our wonderful friend!! I wish I could have stayed longer with you girls...maybe next year :) I love the last pictures...you all look so beautiful!!

  3. Olga, your post is so sweet!!! I literally teared up reading it. :) Thank you so much for coming and supporting me with the girls. It was such an amazing day to feel God's love and the presence of everyone. God works so many miracles its awesome to be one of the many miracles God has worked. I thank him so much for you. You are such a great person in so many ways.

    P.s I love the pics!!! I'm going to have to steal some of them.... I misplaced my memory card.

    Thanks girl! <3 ya!


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