A Visit From Melissa & Christine

  Last week Melissa came up from San Diego to visit with all of us {her high school girlfriends}! She and Christine came over to meet little Madison, and for Raychel and Oceana to have play-date with Andruw!
Andruw is the sweetest little boy. He makes me want to have a little boy of my own!

I love having visit over!! It was so nice spending time with these two ladies! I love them so much! We have so many memories together from high school, that when we get together it is always tons of fun remembering the olden days and seeing how much every thing/every one has changed.


  1. What a wonderful time to get together with friends!
    It looks like the kiddos had a blast together :)

  2. how awesome you three were able to get together and bring yourselves back to the old days. Andruw looks like a cutie pie. Oceana seems to like him from her little hug on his hip. So cute!



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