Back Together Again!

  Last Wednesday, I went out to dinner with all my girlfriends from high school and from my high school job. Melissa came up from San Diego and she got all the girls together for dinner {the only one missing was Danielle :( she is out in Vegas for school}. We ate at Johnny Garlic's in Dublin and it was one of my best times ever! It was such a blessing to be with all these girls again, and laugh about our crazy high school days. Christine brought all the pictures she ever took form back in the days and we all had such a blast looking at them! We couldn't believe how much we have changed... some of the pictures were so embarrassing to see!!

Christine's sister works at Johnny Garlic's so she ended up being our waitress, and for some strange reason she kept asking all of us what was our most embarrassing moment. Come to find out at the end of dinner, one of the guys who works there is a great rapper! He came to our table and rapped about all of our embarrassing moments! It was HILARIOUS!! This was the cherry on top... this topped off the night!

 The food is delish!

 their dessert is A-mazingly goooood!!

 the rapper!!


  1. ok girl....didn't you JUST have a baby? Like JUST have a baby? You would never know it, you are so slimmingly CUTE!
    Oh, don't you love girl friends? Love, love, love time spent with my girls and it looks like you have the same feeling. Glad you got out and had such a great time!

  2. How fun! That food looks amazing. You look soo pretty girl. It is so hard to tell that you had Madison just about 4-5 weeks ago.

  3. That is so great your whole group of friends were able to get together and have a girls night. And pictures... taking it back. Sounds like you girls had a blast.



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