Hubby Thursdays - Date Night

  Don't you just love date nights?!

 I know I do!!!

This past weekend Ray and I went on a date! We went to dinner at On The Border, then watched a movie!
I love getting away for a couple hours and enjoying some alone time with my hubby wubby!


  1. You two are adorable. :) Gotta love date nights. What movie did you see?

  2. GORGEOUS couple! Glad you two enjoyed your night out without the littles. Those are often well needed :)

  3. You and RAY ARE THE CUTEST COUPLE EVER. I love you guys. YOU ARE SOOO GORGEOUS. You don't even realize, you are beautiful my friend. Inside and out. :)

  4. Awh!! And yes date nights are so much fun!!! Its good to have some one on one time with the hubs. I'm glad you guys got to step away and treat yourselves. I was going to ask the same ? as marissa...what movie did you two see?



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