Madison Marie Marquez

Madison, today you are a 2 months old! Your Mama, Daddy and your sisters can not be anymore blessed. You bring so much joy into our lives! You sure are a beautiful blessing sent from above! You have started to smile and giggle, and every time you do we are in awe on how sweet you are! Raychel and Oceana love you so much! Sometimes a little too much... they squeeze you so tight, and kiss you while you sleep that it scares you and wakes you. Daddy couldn't be any happier to have such a sweet little princess. You are a sweet and calm baby during the day, but once evening hits you become a little wiggle worm and you just want to be feed and held, which is fine by me!! I love holding you, and nursing you. I am so blessed to be a mom to 3 beautiful princesses! Madison, I am loving how little you are right now, but I am also excited to soon see you play and interact with your sisters! God has blessed me with a special you, know one else out there can be or is like you. I love you Madison, words can not say how truly blessed I feel to have you as my daughter! Te quiero muchisimo mi bebe! Que dios te quide y que te proteja a ti y tus hermanas siempre. Las quiero mucho!!!!!!!!!


you nurse about ever 3-4 hours, sometimes sooner, but for the most part about every 3-4. You spit up almost at every feeding, most of the time its on me, on the couch or on yourself. Everything you do is precious, even when you spit up on mommy's clothes. ;)


Madison you are in between your sisters with this one. Raychel was my night out, Oceana loved to sleep... she slept 12 hours by this time. You on the other hand, you go to bed any where from 9pm to 10:30pm, no later then 10:30pm. you sleep till about 4am to nurse then go right back to bed, and wake again at about 6am, sometimes you will stay asleep till 8am and then nurse. After nursing at 8am you stay up for about an hour or until I put you in your car seat to take Raychel to pre-school then you fall back asleep ;).


you are starting to grow out of your "newborn clothes" some still fit, but some are getting too tight! your 0-3 months clothes fit you so much better.  

your hair is light brown and your eyes are blue!


  1. What a little beauty...love the one of all the girls!!!

  2. She is sooooo gorgeous! I love you Madison and your sweet sweet sisters! Olga, I can't believe how much her and Oceana look a like :) I think its because her eyes look identical to Oceana's. I can't wait to see her soon and give her lots of kisses! <3

  3. Such cute pictures! She's beautiful!

  4. I am digging her tutu!! Makes me want a little girl so bad! :)

  5. Your girls are beautiful!
    We have two young girls ages 2.5 and 7 months old. I always imagined myself having boys but now that I have girls I can't imagine having a boy. my husband thinks he will be outnumbered and wind up with 4 girls lol


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