My Back Yard Growing Up and Now It's My Girls!

I love this place {Concannon}! My family and I grew up coming here. My dad and mom work(ed) here so they would always bring us here at a very young age. It literally is like our back yard { I know I sound like a broken record because I have done a few post on this place already, but this is a place i truly LOVE, it has so much meaning to me and my family! Elizabeth recently got married here too, so it just means so much to us!}

It is so amazing to me remembering the times I spent with my family here, it literally feels like it was just yesterday Elizabeth, Ernie, and I were running around playing and now my little girls are doing the same!

I can not wait for the day Elizabeth and Ernie have kids so we can all bring them here! How amazing would that be? What great meaning it would be for all of the family to get together for pictures!
God is so good! He is so good for giving me these 3 beautiful girls, and for Him letting me see them grow in the same spot I grew up, our back yard! I remember my dad would run around with us and put us on his shoulders, and my mom would just sit and watch us with Ernie in her arms. Now, I am running around with my littles playing princess tag {princess tag: am the hungry dragon looking for a princess to eat!} while my mom holds little Madi. 

I have got to bring the hubby here more often! I normally come here on the weekdays, so hubby cant join since he is working, but i know he would love to be here with us.

These pictures are from last week, my mom, girls, and I went to Concannon to have a picnic and to say hi to my dad. It was a fun time... as always!

I couldn't stop taking pictures of the girls! So, here is a TON of pictures...



  1. Olga, How close is this place to where we used to live in Livermore when we were kids? I think it's so beautiful! You all look wonderful! God bless! Love, Natalie B

  2. Hey girl!

    Miss you! You need a blog!! I want to see pictures of you and Alyssa!

    This is like 10 minutes from where we use to live. its on Tesla Road.

  3. Wow, I love it! It's so beautiful! I live now in Carson City near Lake Tahoe.. But I always want to go back to Northern California. But it's not to far away! I totally need a blog but for the life of me I'm illiterate and can't figure it out. Haha So sad. I barely get Facebook now a days! But your new addition is so beautiful! I'm wanting another one.. Alyssa keeps asking her dad and me for a baby.. ;) Much love doll!

  4. I love all the pictures, what wonderful memories in the making for your girls!

  5. the pictures are gorgeous girly. I LOVE THEM. I love the one with you on the tree and the one with all of you girls eating. SO adorable.

  6. Raychel's hair is so long and beautiful! She looks just like you!!

  7. These pictures are soooo gorgeous. I would love to go here sometime with you all ;) I love love love the pictures of the girls with your dad on the mower. Sooo cute. And Madison is getting her little baby fat it is soo sweet...I just want to pinch her cute little cheeks and legs. :) I love you all!

  8. beautiful pictures! so vibrant. and your girls are so cute!
    cute blog you have!

  9. okay these are all so adorable! picture overload but adorable overload :) haha I loved it!


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