Highs and Lows of Today - Link Up

  I am linking up with tani over at My Song Book!

Highs of today:

1. Went to a charity event with the hubs tonight!! It was a nice event out in Blackhawk.

2. Watched Narnia with my girls

3. I got to wear my nice black dress with my high heels!

4. I didn't have to make dinner ;)

Lows of today:

1. Hubby had to work most of the day :(

2. Raychel and Oceana were fighting way too much today.

3. I couldn't fit into one of my old dresses :(


  1. This is a fun little link up:) I used to play this "game" with my sister when she came home from school. She was much younger than me and it was a great way to pry information out of her:) hehe. Narnia is great isn't it! We saw Courageous and LOVED it so hope you and your hubby can see it!! Oh the days of fighting children that I have ahead of me. Not really excited about that. lol.

  2. Olga, you JUST had a baby, you aren't supppose to fit into your old dresses!

  3. Dang! I'm sorry you couldn't fit into one of your old dresses. I remember right after I had a baby, I was so dumb... I tried to fit into my old jeans haha. And I was so surprised I couldn't! I thought that because I wasn't pregnant, then I should be able to wear all my old clothes. lol. At least I can now!


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