Hubby Thursdays!

  My dear husband has read all these book in 2 years!! One hundred and fourteen! That means he reads about 4-5 books a month!

 I am so impressed of all the reading he does. He finishes a book and he is on to the next!

Some times he will read two different books, one in the morning and one at night!

There are times when we both start on a new book at the same time and he will all ready have read 3 more while I am still on the same book!

What does your hubby do that impresses you?


  1. Dang, that's alot of books! I also have those 'for women only' 'for men only' and 'captivating' books. Such awesome reads!

  2. Olga, Ray is so amazing. That is crazy that he finds time to read that much while working the hours he does. Justin also reads a lot and it amazes me. I constantly get distracted by other things lol. :) Maybe for Christmas you could get him a nice bookshelf or a Kindle ?? ;)

  3. That is a lot of books indeed!! I love that reading challenges the brain and allows us to learn as we read. I used to love reading but, I have become a TV sponge since having D. I don't have the patience to sit and read in my tiny windows of free time but, I presume that someday the love of reading will return for me. Seriously, your hubby rocks in speed reading!

  4. How awesome. Reading is a great essential for growth. That is amazing he keeps on track and plugs all those books away. I love to read like him. Since being on bed rest in two weeks I read 3 books. It's calming for the mind.

    Go Ray!!!


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