I Thank God for Her

I thank God, for my beautiful sister.

I thank God, that we are so close.

I thank God, that we both love each other unconditionally.

I thank God, that she is a women who fears the Lord.

I thank God, for the love she has for every person.

I thank God, for her sweetness.

I thank God, for Elizabeth.

God has truly blessed me with a beautiful sister inside and out. I admire her. She is more then I could ever have asked for in a sister. I love that we can encourage, laugh, cry, love and pray together. She is my BFF {besides my hubby.} Elizabeth. you. are. the. BEST. and I praise God for it. Gracias por todo hermana. Te quiero muchisimo! Que dios te bendiga a ti y a tu esposo siempre!

I pray that my 3 girls can share the closeness that Elizabeth and I share.  I pray that my girls will be best friends, that they can run to each other and encourage each other in Christ Jesus. I pray that they will be girls who fear the Lord. I pray blessings upon my girls, in Jesus name, Amen!

Blessing to you sista and your wonderful husband!!! Cant wait for you two to have babies!!!! ;) xox

PS. BROTHER! I have not forgotten you! you will also have a post coming soon! I love you and I thank God for you as well!!! xox


  1. Nothing like a sis....I have 3 and feel just as you do with your sis. She's as beautiful as you!

  2. How sweet! You and your sister are amazing women and beautiful inside and out. It's awesome that you share the closeness with your sister. Sisters are the best (and so are brothers..lol).

    I'm sure your little girls will share what you and Elizabeth share in sisterhood. They have great role models to look up too. :)

    Love ya girl!


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