My Life In A Nutshell

  •   My parents were born and raised in Mexico Michoacan
  • I'm the second child
  • I was born in Livermore CA, May 1985
  • I lived in Livermore for 21 years
  • I have an older sister {Elizabeth} and a younger brother {Ernesto aka Ernie}
  • I was wild and crazy in high school, but at age 18 I accepted Jesus Christ into my life!
  • At 18, I met my husband {Ray}
  • Ray and I dated for 3 years, then we got married January 7, 2007 {I was 21}
  • I moved to Manteca january 7th and lived there for about a year
  • After being married for 2 months we found out we were expecting our first child!
  • Before giving birth to Raychel we moved to Dublin CA
  • I was 22 years old when I gave birth to Raychel on December 2007
  • I was induced with Raychel, no epidural! Labor and delivery was only 4 hours!
  • in September 2008 we found out we were expecting baby number 2 {Oceana}. Raychel was only 9 months old at the time!
  • Before giving birth to Oceana we moved to San Ramon CA
  • I was 24 years old when I gave birth to Oceana on June 2009
  • Oceana was all natural, med free! Labor and delivery was only 4 hours! {I barley made it to the hospital, I was already pushing this girl out!}
  • Before Oceana turned 1 we moved to Danville
  • October 2010 {25 years old} We found out we were expect our third baby {Madison}!
  • At age 26 I gave birth to our newest addition on July 2011!
  • Madison was also all natural no meds! Labor and delivery was only 3 hours! Praise God for fast labors and deliveries! I am blessed!
  • And here we are now!! Maybe baby number 4 next year?! who knows?! Ray and I did not close up shop after Madison was born, So0o0... there can be a baby number 4 next year, we will see! Right now... to be quit honest... I don't even want to think about being prego!
  • Another big thing that's happening now... is that we are buying an investment property!! This is my first investment property, and this is Ray's 3rd. We are very excited! We will see if the bank accepts our offer!
I am going to tag a few of my readers!! If you have the time to do it great, if you don't no worries!



  1. I followed your lead and did this too, thanks for inviting me, and I too had babies without anything. My last two I had a midwife in the hospital. Makes for a beautiful experience doesn't it?

  2. Wow! Amazing that you had your kids with no meds! That is a dream of mine. I just want to experience it. But I was too afraid with my first labor. Maybe next time!

  3. lol! I am glad you tagged me because I've been a blogging slacker lately, and now I have something to do!
    I can't believe you got so lucky with your girls' births...I had to have an emergency c-section with my son which was horrifying, but I have every intention of going natural this time...I just hope it goes half as fast as yours!
    Best wishes with your investment-that's exciting!

  4. This was such a fun read. It's so amazing that your went through labor so fast and with no meds. Your next one will probably be even faster, too.
    Your girlies are too cute!

  5. How fun! I will try and do this.

    You guys have been so busy and fun. What a beautiful life!!!!

  6. I love this!! Thanks for tagging me :)

    You're a rockstar for doing it all natural. I am hoping to do it all natural with this one (I'm 16 weeks today). I've been praying a lot about it. Thanks for the comments on my blog. I read every one of them and apologize if I don't get back to you always! I'm terrible at that.

    P.S I am not perfect when it comes to giving my daughter my "full attention" but I have been praying a lot about it and have really rid myself of a lot of distractions taking away from my family life. (Facebook was a big one for me that I just had to completely delete).
    It's so freeing!

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