My Sweet Little Love Bug!

Madison, you turned 3 months this past Saturday!! Where has the time gone?! You are growing way to fast!!

You giggled your first real giggle on Saturday!! You pooped all over your pretty little dress and on mommy's arm so I went to change you and as I was changing you I was calling you a "fuchi cochina" and it made you laugh! Oh. my. sweet. angel. I loved it, and cant wait to hear more!

You wear 0-3 month clothes and just 3 month clothes as well.

You go to bed at about 9:30pm and wake up around 6am to nurse, then you go right back to sleep and wake up again till 8:15 or so. 

You are such a good little girl and I am loving every little minute of watching you grow!

Oh, Father God, I pray for Madison... That she will have a loving heart towards people. Lord, that she will seek you with all her heart. Father God, protect and guard her all the days of her life. That she may do great things in your name. Lord, that people may see you through her. Apart her from evil, and that she may not fall in temptation. Father, and when she stumbles that she may run back to you always! Bless her Father, in Jesus name, Amen. 

Que chula mi bebe!

My sweet little love bug.


  1. she is a little love bug!Precious, and so blessed....9:30 to 6? Hello? I'd say perfect!

  2. She's beautiful! I love that you took a week off from technology. I could see how a break from it all would benefit me! : )

  3. OMGoodness she is adorable!! I can't get over how fast big she has gotten. Time just goes by too fast!! And as always...you look gorgeous Mama!!

  4. awww Madison...she is such a beautiful blessing Olga. She is absolutely gorgeous!

  5. What a beautiful posting for Madison. She is just so darling!!!!


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