I am taking my own little... much needed... retreat with me, myself, and God.

This verse has been playing on repeat in my head...

Matthew 6:33
"But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.

I will be back in a year... I mean... a week... maybe?

One more thing... this picture above has a beautiful rainbow... it reminds me of a few days ago when it was raining really hard at night and my girls got waken up by the rain banging on their window, they called out to me crying "mommy, mommy!" They were scared. I went into their room and Raychel says, "mommy pray for me!" So I prayed, "Dear Lord Jesus, protect Raychel and Oceana as they go back to sleep. Let them not be afraid, for it is just the rain tapping on their window. And Lord Jesus, if it keeps raining that we may see a rainbow tomorrow morning, in Jesus name, Amen." Raychel -"Amen." Raychel went right back to sleep and Oceana need me to take her too the window to see the rain before going back to sleep... so we did just that. That morning we did not see a rainbow. Raychel kept asking, "where is the rainbow, mommy?" I said, "Oh..babe, I am not sure, maybe we'll see it some other time."  That night as Ray and I were laying in bed I told him about how the girls were scared last night and how I prayed with Raychel and Oceana about the rain and us seeing a rainbow but that we did not see one that morning. Ray then looks over at me with these eyes saying, " I saw a rainbow! Before going to work I seen it." It hit both of us, that it was meant for us to have this conversation that God does answer prayers. You may say... well, there is always rainbows after it rains, but, I know deep in my heart that this was truly God hearing mine and my girls prayer!

This reminds me of one more story I would like to share and always remember. Before Ray and I had kids we drove down to LA and back. As we were driving back home Ray and I were extremely tired, but we did not want to stop, we just wanted to get home into our warm and comfy bed {I know this was not a good idea and its dangerous not only to us but to others}. We were both falling asleep as we were taking turns driving. It was so hard keeping each other awake! We were both hoping to see a Starbucks around to grab coffee but, nothing! Then after a few more miles I saw a Starbucks! I yelled to Ray, " STARBUCKS!" Ray- "WHAT!? Really?!" He turned his head all the way back to try to see it but he didn't and we missed the exit. When Ray turned his head back from trying to see it, he said, "Olga, When you yelled "Starbucks" I literally just finished praying to God telling him if he is really there to please show us a Starbucks!" We were both in AWE!!! And that kept us awake. God is so good, guys!! Yeah... we didn't get a coffee, but that wasn't the point! He was telling us that He is there that He is with us, and He does hear us {you, me, everyone!!} God is more then good!! Praise Him!

God bless!! <333333333 


  1. I'm stand in awe of His amazingness right along with you sister! We serve an awesome God!

  2. I love God's little reminders telling us he's with us! Enjoy your break!

  3. You are amazing. Enjoy your retreat and I love this idea.You are such an inspiriation to me darling! Love you!!

  4. I love these stories. You are such a good testament of God. And the picture couldn't have been more perfect. <3


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