Sticky Hands

Raychel is in a phase {I hope!} were she feels like she has sticky fingers. She calls it "sticky hands." And she literally washes her hands like 10+ times a day!!

When she wakes up in the morning... she has sticky hands.

After she is done coloring... she has sticky hands.

After she is done eating... she has sticky hands.

After she is done drinking her chocolate milk... she has sticky hands.

After she is done playing... she has sticky hands.

She is doing nothing and she has sticky hands!

She always has sticky hands! And every. single. time. she says she has "sticky hands," she runs to the bathroom and washes them! There has been times when she feels she cant get the stickiness out of her hands that she is in the bathroom for minutes washing her hands. Sometimes, she will miss out on playing with mommy and Oceana or waving bye to daddy as he drives off to work, because she is doing just that... WASHING HER STICKY HANDS!

Growing up I don't believe I went through something like this. Has anyone of you gone through a phase like this or your kids??


  1. This reminds me a lot of OCD. I went through it hardcore in high school. I grew out of the extreme parts of it (frequent hand-washing, bedtime rituals, going to the bathroom a certain number of times, counting EVERYTHING...) but still tend to be slightly OCD in some ways (hate clutter, obsessed with cleanliness and hate germs, prefer schedules, and straight lines). AKA-I'm a perfectionist. :)

  2. Izzy is like this in so many ways, she has specific bedtime rituals, has to eat a certain way using a specific plate and utensils and everything MUST be put in the exact spot it was first put away in or she just can't rest. She will actually be worried about things throughout the day until we go home to find it in the correct place...it can be really stressful for her, and she's only 3...I sure hope it gets better!! I hope its just a phase but does sound like OCD a bit.

  3. My son is the same way...he will even eat pancakes sans syrup because he hates getting the sticky all over his hands.

  4. awww little Raychel. I think it is a phase Olga. Jordan has has little phases like that with certain habbits. I can't link of any off the top of my head now but I'll think of some and tell you later. At least she has super clean hands and hopefully won't catch as many colds this winter.

  5. First of all, your daughters are adorable! I came from a family of 3 girls and I absolutely LOVED having sisters! Secondly, it does sound like a phase. I'm wondering the same thing about my 18 month old son that has to brush his teeth 10X a day. LOL! At least these habits are cleanly? lol.

    ♥, A Mom Without Facebook

  6. I could almost see my little one doing that because she has always been very annoyed about her hands getting dirty. She always wants me to wipe them off so I am sure as soon as she learns to wash her own hands she will want to do that a lot too!! Let me know how long the phase lasts. Maybe it is just a fun new thing to do:)


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