2 Princesses and 1 Cute Little Pumpkin

  We have a tradition with the Mendoza family, that every year, God willing, we will tick or treat together! Our first year trick or treating together was when Raychel was 10 months old! Every year after that we just made it a tradition to go together! Raychel and Oceana love Riley and Devon. They always have such a great time when they are with them. Dawn had some pizza's for us and some yummy baked chocolate chip cookies for dessert. We ate, and then took the kiddos trick or treating!

Before heading to Rich and Dawn's House

Devon's eyes glowed in the dark, so when I took the picture it made it look like they are popping out!


  1. aww the girls all look sooo cute ;)

  2. They are so adorable! I love their costumes!
    Happy Halloween!!!!


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