Birthdays, Birthdays and more Birthdays

Last Saturday, we went to Andruw's 5th birthday! It was so cool!! It was an indoor sports center and we played Andruw's favorite sport, baseball! Andruw's favorite team is the SF Giants. He is so good at playing baseball that it would not surprise me if he became pro one day, actually, am sure he will!! The girls had fun for the first half hour, then they were just being girly and wanting to play something else. Sorry... girls, no princesses here- haha! They were good sports though. Same as the hubs... he was actually not feeling to good, but he knew how much I wanted all of us to be at sweet Andruw's birthday.

The decor was all SF Giants! Christine (Andruw's mommy) did such a good job with all the party details. She is such a good mom!

Happy 5th Birthday Andruw! <333

 Picking teams

 Raychel with Christine pitching the ball!

 Me and my girly girl in the outfield!
 Batter up!
 OK, who knows what the heck I was trying to do here -haha... fly maybe?! You can tell I don't play sports all that much. I love them, but I just don't play them all that often-hehe.



  1. omg! what a CUTE party! i am totally stocking this idea away in the back of my head for my boys!

  2. That is one of the most adorable parties I've ever seen...how fun!!!

  3. What a fun party!!! And she did a great job and all the decor. haha, I love the pic of you that was a good little chuckle.

    P.s. your family reminds me of mine with so many birthdays. :)


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